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Steve Kelly | Ambridge, PA

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We act as the catalyst to help our clients excel.

Our passion is guiding professionals to success

At ExSELLyst, we focus on sales management and leadership coaching, helping our clients be more optimistic, confident, and disciplined in their sales behaviors, attitudes, and techniques. We help business owners and sales professionals with all too common challenges like:

  • We’re not successfully closing enough sales to reach our objectives
  • Our prospecting and selling approaches are not putting us in front of enough qualified customers
  • And our margins are eroding as we compete to close new deals

Dedicated to your success

Meet Our Team

Whether it's in direct sales or distribution sales, service industries or more traditional product markets, we have the experience and expertise to help. 
"As President of ExSELLyst, my passion is helping people and customers succeed, especially local small to mid size businesses, strengthening and giving back to the community we live in."  Steve Kelly