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Steve Kelly | Pittsburgh, PA

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Break the Rules and Close More Sales

A Business Leader's Workshop for Owners, CEOs, Presidents and Sales Managers

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Will your salespeople achieve their targets in 2020?

Join Steve Kelly for a thought-provoking discussion about the incredible cost of sales mediocrity and the impact it can have on your top-line revenue. This no-holds-barred workshop will challenge your core beliefs about sales performance. Designed for executives and sales leaders, learn how to change the behavior dynamics of your sales team, and create a sales culture will yields results.

Are you or your salespeople...

  • Doing too much free consulting for prospects who never buy?
  • Experiencing anxiety when dealing with intimidating people?
  • Struggling to prospect productively?
  • Getting tired of trying to break free of negative sales stereotypes?
  • Struggling with stalls, objections, and pressure to drop prices to close the deal?
  • Frustrated with prospects who want to “check the competition” before deciding?

About our Business Leader's Workshops

This highly interactive workshop is designed for those who are searching for solutions to the business obstacles they face when trying to sell, manage a sales team, and grow their business. We will challenge you to look at your own sales process, and uncover the gaps that are leading to mediocre performances and missed budgets.

Monday, August 17th

10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Seating is limited but complimentary
Includes materials

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Sandler Training Center
233 Merchant St, Suite 180, Ambridge, PA
412-498-0221 |

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